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As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend
Proverbs 27:17

Danielle Manborde - Community Outreach Director

Who am I? That is a loaded question. I am a woman of many layers. They are loaded with experiences and transparent at the same time. I am an open book who has always been willing to share the trails of my life and the mistakes I have made along the way, of which there have been many. What has been my saving grace has been the connection I have long had with my Maker. This was a subconscious one for many years, until I found myself yearning to do more, to  "be" more, so I poured myself into ministry at my local church for many years. Becoming a mature bride and new mother caused me to re-evaluate my abilities to "do-it-all" and I took a step back from those activities in mid-2018; but still, the desire to "be more" lingered. 

I was raised primarily by my mother who was a divorcee by the time I was 4 years old, and who struggled with the nuances of raising a child to become her best self, while balancing bills, parenting alone, and all of the challenges of being an immigrant minority female who refused to lead her life lead by that label. My parents loved me greatly, and differently and these differences taught me to care for others both in word and in deed.

Danielle Professional.jpeg

I have the heart for people, particularly women and children, which led me to start my own grassroots Movement. The mission is to serve needy communities on an annual basis by collecting the items (clothing, food, school supplies, tuition, medical supplies) needed to keep them healthy and moving forward in their lives. I came across COTR by association in the workplace, and saw an opportunity to use my Movement to support COTR's Shoe Drive effort. As I got more involved, it became evident that I have been placed in this unique place for the very purpose of pouring my skills and passion for serving children and families in collaboration with the COTR team. This is a calling, and I have answered. 

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