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As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend
Proverbs 27:17

Monique Laing - Curriulum Team

Children are the future – this is not only a good line in a song but also the absolute truth. It is in this vein that I became a partner with the Cleft of The Rock (COTR) Foundation. My background is in teaching - although the more pertinent aspect of my history may be that I have raised three children and am now in the process of raising a fourth. Three of my children are adults, two are in the work environment and one is in university. As I survey them and their lives both at present and in the past, I see that there were many ways in which I could have helped them more had I been helped in parenting. For me, it had been mostly trial and a lot of errors.

The passionate underpinning of COTR is to bring awareness that good parenting is not “caught,” but “taught,” and helping young parents early with resources, assistance and coaching can result in children who will be raised up better than the last generation and so on, and so on. Working with the Curriculum group of COTR will bring this to pass, I believe. The intent is to capture the minds and hearts of young people long before they must even contemplate parenting, and to instill some of the practical applications that relate not only to parenting but to living an abundant life.

I have taught in public, private, and charter schools from the middle to the high school level. Before this, I earned my associate's Degree in English Language and Literature, but recently finished a Bachelor in Inter-Disciplinary Studies (IDS) with a concentration on teaching Creative writing and Literature, and a minor in African Diaspora Studies. Having worked in the education system for more than 14 years, it is my hope that I along with others in COTR, will be able to bring a curriculum to the table that will not only mean better parents in the future but better human beings and communities.

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