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Every Family Has a Story

I have found the Conversations on Parenting meetings to be a great support system. It made me realize that there are others like me that may not have it all figured out, but we share ideas and ways we navigate the world of parenting. After attending a couple of meetings the most valuable thing that stood out to me was being deliberate and to parent with a goal. Many times we are reactive and take an approach where we "go with the flow". We, then, either accept or regret the outcome of this approach. I love that we are able to get others' perspective that helps us execute our awesome responsibilities as parents.


- Inshan Singh

Growing up, I had a tough time being raised by a mother with borderline personality disorder. She was neglectful, isolating, compulsive, and frequently suicidal. She didn't consistently feed my siblings or myself from a very young age and after divorcing my stepfather, who was the rock of our family, when I was 15, we had to move every time she got into a new relationship. I went to four different high schools before graduating. My example of what a mother is or should do was not the best, which is a concern for me going into motherhood myself in 3 months time. I am currently pregnant with my first child and when my brother referred me to Latina's parenting classes, I knew it was for this reason that I would be interested in it. I expected the conversation in the classes to enlighten me and my husband about the role of parenthood. We hoped to gain new information that would help us on our new journey of raising our daughter. My upbringing showed me what not to do but did not give much way to educating me about how to tackle challenges. Our expectations for the conversation were met by the cathartic and raw dialogue that the group shared. A few things I took away from the experience was to know that it's ok to seek help and my mother's faults were not my own. Raising my daughter could be done with intention, boundaries, care, and love despite my background or my husband's. The parenting class was such a huge resource and avenue for positive change for me that I would be happy to attend again. I would recommend Latina's parenting classes to anyone because they open the conversation and opportunity for intentional changes in how we respond to our children and the world we bring them up in. Definitely worth my while, and deeply appreciated!


 - Heather Wert, 2018