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As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend
Proverbs 27:17

Lesvie Archer

Personality: Loving, Sincere, Smart, Helpful, and Hardworking, are examples of the adjectives I hope others use to describe me upon first impression: a love for life, people and God (Abba) guides my interactions with others; a sincere belief in systematic betterment of humanity keeps me connected to COTR; intelligence and helpfulness births from my intrinsic commitment to resourceful servant leadership; and lastly, my hardworking nature reflects an indebtedness and gratitude to those who came before me, and an ever-provoking sense of responsibility to enhance their work and continue their legacy.

Profession: I have earned degrees in Spanish, International Tourism and Hospitality, and Marketing, which collectively reflect my passion for developing cordial and wholehearted connections with others to achieve specific goals. This passion has guided my professional experience towards sales and marketing, conference planning and event management, and grant writing and teaching. As a curious and committed critical thinker and teacher, I currently work as a university researcher, and enjoy addressing major public policy matters that demonstrate local and global impact.

Personal Life: I have lived and worked in six countries over the last 15 years, building my international experience and exposure, and becoming more aware that we human beings are all searching for the same thing in life, albeit through different pathways. I dream to travel more, especially with my family and genuinely believe that if one travels without curiosity, that one, might as well stay home. To be honest, though, being at home with my husband and children proves to be as dream-fulfilling, adventurous and exciting as travel itself.

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