Family Time/Book of the Month

I'm Worthy: The book every fatherless girl should have early! (Living Life Without A Dad) Paperback – July 1, 2022

by MONIQUE Coach Mo CORKER (Author), Sameer Kassar (Illustrator), Monique Coach Mo Corker (Illustrator)

Part of: Living Life Without A Dad (1 books)

I’m Worthy is a short but powerful story about Nikki, a young girl who is beginning to recognize that her dad isn't around. In this book, she will not only help share her feelings because all girls should be empowered to understand their feelings are valid, but she will soon learn how her self-worth is not determined by a dad being in her life. She will remember how she did nothing wrong. She will know why some dads are absent and how other people will never fill her daddy's shoes, but they can help her when she needs it.

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