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Here's what a few of our attendees have to say about the Parenting on Purpose Series


Dawn Adderley

"So far, the Parenting on Purpose series has given me great insight on what true parenting is. I look forward to the learning and conversations each week, and hope to be able to host both "Conversations on Parenting" and "Parenting on Purpose" very soon


Andre' Robinson

"Although I don't have kids yet, I saw the benefit of learning and gaining great wisdom for the future. I learned a lot that I would like to integrate into my life right now to help the children of the future."

Kadie Kaybler.jpg

Katie Kabler

"I feel so fortunate to have Latina as my neighbor.  In sharing with her my ups and downs of being a single mom, she invited me to her home for the Parenting on Purpose teaching series this past September. This series has been so good and insightful"

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