Every Family Has a Story

Candice Lightbourne

I grew up in the Bahamas where there was more of a sense of community within the islands. I wasn't just raised by my mother. I had the love of my grandparents, the discipline of my uncles, the care of my aunts and the advice of a few trusted neighbors and friends of the family. It was really a village. But living in the United States and raising children here without a support system has proven to be a very challenging experience.


For years I had lost my way and allowed the pressures of everyday life to control the way I parent. I found myself becoming more and easily frustrated, screaming at my children sometimes beating them out of anger, alienating them when I punished them. My way of parenting wasn't raising the children I wanted to raise they just learned how to lie better and how to hide things from me. It was destroying my relationship with them. I fell in love with the Parenting On Purpose class the first time I took the class. During the 9 weeks every week we had a new lesson and every week that new lesson was my favorite lesson. It has reshaped my whole thought process on intentional parenting.

The Cleft of the Rock Foundation has been an amazing addition to my families life. We have attended many of the events that it has hosted within the last 2 years. The Friendsgiving events are always fun and memorable and I have committed to support this organization financially because I love their vision and their mission. Its founder Latina Newsome has been a mentor and a trusted confidant for years. She has a beautiful heart and she is an amazing parent and her goal to see parents parenting on purpose has touched my heart and my life tremendously. I attended one of the conversations on parenting and it reminded me of growing up in a community. Everyone coming together and bringing a dish as we sit and eat and discussed the challenges we face as parents and find solutions to help us train our children to be responsible adults. This is something I feel like every family should be apart of because it is an investment into their future.


Candice Lightbourne

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