As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend
Proverbs 27:17

Mariangel Hernandez


I am an accounting student at FAU. It is my goal to become a nonprofit accountant and work at a nonprofit organization for the rest of my life. Through working with this organization, I am eager to help others and learn new things.

Kylie Long


Coming from a non-traditional household, I realized early on that perfect opportunities do not simply exist; however, I also realized that despite the circumstances, my successes would be based solely on my individual efforts. The idea that I, on the basis of hard-work and determination, could personally make a difference motivates me to continuously strive for the betterment of myself as well as my community. As a student at Deerfield Beach Middle School, my extracurriculars, such as National Junior Honor Society and Builder’s Club, became a means of exploring this passion. Upon learning of Cleft of the Rock foundation, I was admirable of how involved the organization was, and I knew that this was something I would want to contribute to. I am grateful to be part of such a caring and compassionate team of individuals and hope to use my position as a platform in which I can directly contribute to the welfare of local families and youth.

As president of both of these chapters, I organized yearly food drives, beach clean-ups, and service projects. During these experiences, I acquired different skills, such as leadership and public speaking, that drove my interest in the field of medicine. Currently, I am a dual-enrolled student at Florida Atlantic University High School pursuing a degree in Neuroscience and Behavior with a focus in ethology. Outside of the academic environment, I like to spend my time volunteering (typically tutoring younger children or assisting with equestrian therapy), creating art, or simply hanging out with my family and friends.

I am a high school student at Florida Atlantic University. I will graduate high school with a Bachelors degree, and I am pursuing a degree in Neuroscience with a goal of going to medical school after graduation. Having been the President and Vice President for school clubs, organize fundraisers and community events, tutor students, and participate in service projects, I feel a strong calling to help others and devote myself to a life of service. The Cleft of the Rock Organization is a wonderful way in which I can interact and provide supportive services to families in my community. I am dedicated and passionate about what I do. Being apart of the Cleft of the Rock is an amazing experience.

Nicole Buipoulakos


I am a student at FAU high school and am hoping to graduate at the age of 18 with my Bachelor’s in nursing. I have always been strongly compelled to help other people and to help spread a feeling of acceptance and compassion in every environment I immerse myself in. Being an assistant swimming coach for the A.D. Henderson middle school team has taught me a lot about how to spread compassion and make each swimmer feel like they are in an environment where they will always be accepted. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of The Cleft of the Rock foundation and think that it will be a perfect outlet for me to pursue my dreams of helping others and spreading love to those who need it most

Guilia Klapper


Za'riah Laing

“Children learn more from what you are than what you teach” (W.E.B. DuBois). Who one is, is shaped by what one learns. Cleft of the Rock Foundation provides the necessary support and education to assist in determining the kind of parent a person will become. I am a sophomore at Florida Atlantic University majoring in Exercise Science and Health Promotion. At first glance my major may not appear to relate to the vision and mission of Cleft of the Rock Foundation, however, I believe it’s my responsibility to not only promote the nutrition and exercise side of health, but also the mental and relationship aspect. I, Za’riah Laing, as an Intern, intend to assist in building awareness concerning the importance of parental education, and to increase this foundation’s reach into the wider community.

Ezra Archer


Hi there! My name is Ezra Archer and I am a junior communications major at FAU. I'm excited to help with COTR because I always want to make a positive mark when I can. I'm looking forward to the opportunities that this will bring to not only make friends within the organization but also with others that I meet along the way!

Jennifer Lucero


Hello! My name is Jennifer Lucero. My story begins with my parents migrating from Guatemala before I was born. They decided to form their family once they were comfortable in the city of Washington, DC. and at the age of twelve, my parents decided to move to Florida. I graduated high school and decided to attend university, making me the first in my family to pursue higher education. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study or what career path I wanted to choose. One day, it just clicked. I realized the love I have for people and how interesting it is to observe certain social groups, and that’s why I chose to major in sociology. Not only is it important to study people, but it is also important to know how to communicate with them, and that is why I chose to minor in communications. As I get closer to graduation, I realize that both sociology and communication allow me to enter almost any career path, but I've caught sight of how important social media is to all people, no matter what social group they belong to. That is why I gained an interest in social media and believe that it's essential for everyday communication

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