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As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend
Proverbs 27:17

La’Rene Gamble Braddy

I am a first mother to 3 birth children and “love like a mother” countless children of friends and relatives and hundreds of students that I have had the privilege of influencing throughout my career as an educator over a span of 20 plus years.  After initially being adopted and then losing my parents at a young age, God has taught me that building family is not always derived from a construct of lineage, but cultivating and harvesting the love in our hearts and giving it to others through our prayers and what we do. 


In God’s eyes, we are all the same, yet given different gifts. Having faith and seeking a relationship with God has allowed me to see that what we do to help others, however small, can be used to change the trajectory of people's lives and those connected to them. “The Cleft of the Rock” represents the protection received when we are going through difficult, unexplainable times and being taught to see and understand the message from a reflective perspective and use that new understanding to catapult positive growth beyond what can be imagined.


My Bachelor degree in Family and Consumer Science from Miami University (Ohio), Master’s degree in Learning Disabilities K-12 from Florida Atlantic University, Certification in Integrated Curriculum and Reading Endorsement has not enlightened me nearly as much as the students I have taught in Elementary, Middle and High School or helped in countless volunteer experiences. EVERYONE counts and everyone has something to offer others.


As a collective “Village”, we have to rally around our youth and adults who may have not experienced love guided growth inspired by our Divine Father who wants us all to have every spiritual blessing. I am committed to giving all that I can to help others to know how to receive their blessing.

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