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Our photo gallery represents a collage of our memorable Cleft of the Rock events over the years.


We trust that you will enjoy them and will join us in these annual events.

Friendsgiving Gala 2022
"Grease is the Word" 

Parenting on Purpose Retreat 2022 

Mother Daughter Tea Party 2020

Father and Families 2019

Friendsgiving Gala 2018

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Rebuilding Villages Golf Tournament 2022

Mother Daughter Tea Party 2022 

Parenting on Purpose Retreat 2021

Karaoke Night 2019

Hoedown Throwdown 2019

Soft Opening Bahamas 2022

Friendsgiving Gala 2021 

Mother Daughter Tea 
Party 2021

Mother Daughter Tea Party 2019

Conversations on Parenting 2018

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