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Celebrating the hundreds of people who 
transformed their lives with the help of Cleft of the Rock Foundation, Inc.

“Mirrors reflect our outward appearance, whereas the heart reflects the depth of our soul. As we grow older, some of the memories of our youth fade and it so very important to remember those special moments. Latina is a superb person to complete such a task. Through her years of counseling and being a mother of three beautiful kids, Latina has the eye, heart, and compassion to bring back your memories and highlight the goals of your life. Her love for God and life brings added support to her mission of helping others.  I have enjoyed a consistent, committed, and endearing friendship with Latina for over 40 years.” 


John Benjamin, Nassau, Bahamas

“Latina has been an invocation of intangible clarity as a life coach. Blessed with the intrinsic capacity to assess the spiritual nature of any individual, she has fearlessly instructed me on how to grow beyond the obstacles hindering me from undeniable potential. She has a precise and trustworthy purpose that moves through her from a source preordained, and diligently pours from her cup to fulfill that vision in every person; a profound teacher, to say the least.” 

Karen Turner, Pompano Beach, FL 

I am honored to recommend Latina, a fellow Certified Christian Life Coach.  Latina is professional in every sense of the word.  Enthusiastic, capable and strongly committed in her walk with, and as a follower of Jesus.  Latina's work with clients, I believe, will be life changing for them.  I confidently recommend her.

Kathleen Brooks, Westlake Village, CA


 "I have enjoyed a trusted, tried and true friendship with Latina for over 25 years ago. Latina embodies intuitive wisdom, faithfulness, strength and endurance that only comes from standing on the Rock in the midst of the storms of life. God knew I needed Latina in my life"

Mary Lokers, Indianapolis, IN

“Preparing for my son’s senior year in high school was nerve-wracking, particularly because I want him to shine in the final year. While my decisions were very hard, after months of talking to Latina, her guidance, insight, and coaching enabled me to take a leap of faith. She insists that change could be beneficial in so many ways, especially in preparation for college. I am pleased to say that D'Andre has embraced the opportunities presented to him and is all the better for having taken the decision to complete his senior year at Grandview Preparatory School.”

Yolande Rolle, Nassau, Bahamas

“Latina is an insightful, inspirational listener who motivates and guides through Godly support and resources. Latina has been a tremendous influence in helping me release past hurts, embrace future hopes, and set appropriate boundaries. With Latina's support, I have found a new sense of hope and self-respect

Christina Braggiotti, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“Latina is a very unique, passionate individual, who uses traditional and modern approaches to enhance the lives of her clients and people she comes in contact with. She is a life changer, a very positive and uplifting professional, who I must say during my conversations and interactions with her, truly cares for people. She has the gift of helping one look within to bring out the best in that individual on so many levels.


Lademejie Henry, Boca Raton FL

“For the 15 years we have known Latina, we have witnessed her passion for helping the people in her life reach their God-given potential. She is a servant-leader who understands that, in order to inspire a life change; one must set an example of confidence and provide grace-filled encouragement along with loving honesty. This is her passion. This is who she is.”

John and Jacki Walsh, Boca Raton, FL

I have known Latina for over 40 years as a close personal friend, having schooled together.  She is most impressive with her hard-working skills, organizational skills, and determination to get the task at hand done!  

Recently though, I reached out to her on a professional level to assist with my son, who has been diagnosed with ADHD and is having some behavioral problems in school.  I had already been with three other doctors for his behavioral issues but I did not feel as though we were making any progress, and in fact felt that one of the doctors did not even believe that there was a problem.  Meanwhile, my son continued to have issues in school, receiving one warning after another.  Latina was awesome!  She was able to talk to my son and absolutely understood what was happening.  She has the ability to listen and absolutely zone in on the real issues at hand, seemingly to sometimes come from a totally another angle. We are still working with my son but I feel as though he is finally with the right person and that we are making progress.  I would also say that she is honest, flexible, easy to work with and can think outside of the box.  She will also go the extra mile, fitting us in after-hours and holding sessions via Skype when in person was not possible.  

I would absolutely recommend Latina to anyone that needs this kind of help.

Sharon Garzaroli, Nassau, Bahamas

After chatting for about an hour or so, Latina asked a most liberating question, the light was blinding; therefore, after more than twenty years in a co-dependent relationship, I was set free from life on an emotional roller-coaster and declining self-worth.   This young lady, turned confidant, is like a daughter, I have concluded that every Naomi needs a Ruth –  Latina’s Life Coaching Style and approach is unexampled; she is courageous, sympathetic and forthright and in a style, uniquely her own, she combines spiritual principles with her professional methods, for a positive outcome. Latina is undoubtedly walking in her Divine Calling.

Latina, continue to encourage, inspire, and motivate, continue to walk in your Calling!  God Bless you.

Miller, Exuma, Bahamas

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