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They are well-rounded, informative, and relatable. As a child and a parent, this class has shocked me into the right mindset. I felt reassured about past experiences as a child that I felt as though were unresolved due to a lack of explanation and understanding about adult life and the difficulties of parenting. It has given me a great deal of comfort and encouragement as a parent.


-Ryan Delva

The sessions were extremely relevant and timely! It came in handy with rearing children especially during a new move, these sessions helped with guiding us into daily habits with the kids.

I like how I was able to see the insight on how parents view what being a parent is like and see how others around my age view; and how those views differ. Coming from a community where different parenting skills are not really discussed, this is a great experience.

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I thought they were very helpful, very honest, and very truthful. I think as you're taking the class you have to be honest with yourself and have to accept the truth about yourself and what's going on in your household and be willing to make some changes in your child's life. You also have to be committed to make the changes and follow through in order to be successful.


The skills learned in the classes can also be used in your adult relationship not just for parents.

-Dawn Pinder

“Informative and explanatory”



“It is crucial to have a strong philosophy of life, one that is well thought out. My Christ-based POL will be what I lean on to direct the raising of my child and to influence my family dynamics.”

“No means no. I learned to lead by example. Say what I mean and stand by it.”

“Godly principles.”

“To parent and discipline with consistency. To make sure No means No and to communicate more.”

“That everyone needs help raising a child.”

“To be more open with the kids, to learn more about myself and be a more effective parent.”

“That I should be intentional about my parenting.”

“Say what you mean and mean what you say.”

“It was both factual and spiritual and also very informative.”

“How to be a better parent.”

“I learned that I am not alone in this journey. It is very comforting.”

“Every child is different.”

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