“Informative and explanatory”



“It is crucial to have a strong philosophy of life, one that is well thought out. My Christ-based POL will be what I lean on to direct the raising of my child and to influence my family dynamics.”

“No means no. I learned to lead by example. Say what I mean and stand by it.”

“Godly principles.”

“To parent and discipline with consistency. To make sure No means No and to communicate more.”

“That everyone needs help raising a child.”

“To be more open with the kids, to learn more about myself and be a more effective parent.”

“That I should be intentional about my parenting.”

“Say what you mean and mean what you say.”

“It was both factual and spiritual and also very informative.”

“How to be a better parent.”

“I learned that I am not alone in this journey. It is very comforting.”

“Every child is different.”

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