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Friendsgiving Gala

We hold our annual Friendsgiving Gala as a cornerstone event, embodying our commitment to community, generosity, and the spirit of Thanksgiving. This gala serves as a powerful avenue to unite our supporters and amplify the impact of our shared philanthropic goals.

Purpose of the Annual Friendsgiving Gala:

The Annual Friendsgiving Gala is more than a glamorous evening; it's a pivotal platform where our community converges to fulfill our mission. Through this event, we aim to:

Fundraising for Impact: Every table adorned, every conversation held, and each generous donation made at this event directly contributes to funding our various community-driven programs and services.

Community Unity: The gala is a celebration of shared values and collective goodwill. It brings together our community of supporters, donors, and advocates in a festive atmosphere, strengthening the bonds that drive our cause forward.

Gratitude and Awareness: By gathering under the banner of Friendsgiving, we express gratitude for our supporters and create opportunities to discuss the substantial impact of our collective efforts.

Benefits of Participating in the Friendsgiving Gala:

Philanthropic Networking: Connect with individuals who share your commitment to positive change, fostering relationships and networks with like-minded supporters and influencers.

Contribute to Meaningful Change: Your attendance and contributions directly support our cause, enabling us to continue making a tangible impact in the lives of those we serve.

Elegance and Celebration: Experience an evening of elegance and celebration, marked by delectable dining, entertainment, and the joy of coming together to support a common cause.

Join us for our Annual Friendsgiving Gala, an evening of gratitude and generosity. Your participation and support play a vital role in advancing our charitable endeavors and spreading hope to those in needAt Cleft of the Rock, our commitment to fostering a supportive community and providing aid to those in need is at the heart of our mission. Our annual Tea Party stands as a cherished tradition, symbolizing both our dedication to this cause and the unity of our supporters in making a tangible difference.

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