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Our Events

Cleft of the Rock Foundation organizes various fundraising and community awareness events to support its charitable initiatives. These events typically serve multiple purposes, including raising funds for specific programs or projects, increasing community engagement, and creating awareness about the foundation's mission and impact. Here are descriptions of the types of events they might organize:


Friendsgiving Gala

We hold our annual Friendsgiving Gala as a cornerstone event, embodying our commitment to community, generosity, and the spirit of Thanksgiving. This gala serves as a powerful avenue to unite our supporters and amplify the impact of our shared 

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Shoe Drive

Shoe Drive is an annual community-driven initiative aimed at collecting new and gently-used footwear to support those in need. Through donations and local engagement, the drive ensures individuals experiencing economic challenges receive essential and quality footwear, promoting dignity and well-being within communities.

Yard Sale

Yard Sale

Cleft of the Rock Foundation Yard Sale, a fantastic opportunity for you to find great deals while supporting a cause that makes a meaningful impact in our community.


Father's & Families

Engage in a variety of fun activities suitable for all ages. From games and crafts for the kids to interactive workshops for parents, there's something for every member of the family.

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Tea Party

Our commitment to fostering a supportive community and providing aid to those in need is at the heart of our mission. Our annual Tea Party stands as a cherished tradition, symbolizing both our dedication to this cause and the unity of our supporters in making a tangible difference.


Parenting on Purpose Retreat

We recognize the pivotal role that parents play in shaping the future. Our annual Parenting on Purpose Retreat is a cornerstone event designed to empower parents and caregivers in nurturing strong, supportive family environments.


Rebuilding Villages Golf Tournament

Our commitment to restoring communities and aiding those in need is the driving force behind our annual Rebuilding Villages Golf Tournament. This event symbolizes our dedication to making a tangible difference in the lives of many, one swing at a time.

Photo Archives (Past Events)

The Cleft of the Rock Photo Gallery showcases a visual narrative of the organization's impactful events, highlighting moments of community engagement, philanthropy, and the positive outcomes resulting from their initiatives. Through images, it illustrates the heartwarming stories and activities that capture the essence of the organization's mission in action.

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