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Rebuilding Villages for Peace, Unity, and Strength - One Family at a Time

“There is a place near me where you may stand on a rock. When my glory passes by, I will put you in a cleft in the rock and cover you with my hand until I have passed by."   Exodus 33:21

Our Mission

To help abused and abandoned children and struggling families improve their circumstances through education, life coaching, proper shelter, nourishment and work. 

Our Vision

Communities where families are strong and children are safe through the love and support of deliberate parenting. 

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Parenting on Purpose 

We all know that children don’t come with instruction manuals, and with today’s barrage of seemingly opposing information and uncharted societal issues, parenting can seem overwhelming. The 9-week Parenting on Purpose Video Series seeks to help parents make sense of all the information, through proven and practical parenting solutions created by Dr. Bob Barnes. Dr. Bob Barnes has a doctorate in counseling and received his education at Maryville College and Florida Atlantic University and he presents seminars and conferences on Parenting and Marriage throughout North America.

Partners in Parent Education Program


The Mission of Cleft of the Rock Foundation is to help abused and abandoned children and struggling families improve their circumstances through education, life coaching, proper shelter, nourishment, and work. Through the Partners in Parent Education Program, you can partner with us to raise awareness of the need for parent education, be able to offer more parent education opportunities to more families, and to build communities where families are strong and children are safe through the love and support of deliberate parenting.

We have a Major Gift Society Giving Circle that consists of 5 different levels to meet your budget and your desire to partner. These are yearly amounts that are tax-deductible. The end of the year is near, take this time to make a difference and support Cleft of the Rock Foundation, Inc. to help parents and children!


Please click on the link to join your circle, and become our partner. We are excited about the success we are having so far with the initiatives that we are engaged in, and we welcome your partnership. 


 Diamond Circle:  $10,000.00  Sapphire Circle: $5,000.00   Gold Circle: $2,500.00   Silver Circle:  $1,000.00  Bronze Circle:  $500.00

9 Week Parenting on Purpose Video Series by Bob Barnes


Online Video Conference Dates

Current Parenting on Purpose Sessions:

May 9th - July 11th, 2022

Mondays 7 PM - Virtual POP (via Zoom)

May 16th - July 18th, 2022

Mondays 7 PM - Virtual POP (via Zoom)

June 23rd- August 18th, 2022

Thursdays 8 PM - Virtual POP (via Zoom)


July 8th-10th,  2022

POP Weekend Retreat, Naples Florida

Voices of the Village 


Wisdom is defined as the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight. We will utilize "Voices of the Village" to showcase wisdom from wise and wonderful parents.

Conversations on Parenting:

June 30th,  2022 

Saturday 10 AM - Virtual POP (via Zoom)


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Raised by the Village

Real life stories of children who were raised by the village

How Parenting on Purposes Classes worked for me... 
Lesvie Archer

Andrew Lerhbaum
A word to parents: "This too shall pass!" - Andrew Lehrbaum

Parenting on Purpose Works!

What we do ...


Together We are Better!

We are celebrating all the people and parents who intentionally raise their children to have respect and regard for people no matter their skin color.


Parents have the opportunity and responsibility to teach young people to value themselves and one another, as well as stand up for what they believe in. It's a time for self-reflection. Look at yourself and analyze what biases and prejudices you carry and find ways to educate yourself and be better. We must seek ways to indoctrinate LOVE! Together we are better!

The ‘One Race’ t-shirt was created to promote peace, inclusivity, and equality during this time of such division. Changes need to be made in this country and in our world. We all bleed the same color & are all a part of one race — the human race. Let’s work together and continue fighting.

A special thanks to all who supported us in this effort.

Upcoming Events at a Glance

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POP Retreat: July 8th-10th, 2022 Naples Grande Registration

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